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The institute is capable of flaunting a team of expert rehabilitators. They are 100% percent committed to the job. Therapists at Troy Physical Therapy are determined to bring you back to the life you had been enjoying before some mishap left you dysfunctional. They are empathetic as well as sympathetic. Ever ready to listen to your troubles, they prescribe a solution for every one of them. Superior communication skills endear them to the patients. Our staff is our super Specialty.
How & whom do we offer help
Troy physical Therapy extends its service to patients suffering from any muscle and skeletal impairment. The institute combines manual therapy with highly advanced exercises. Traditional physical therapy also finds an important place at Troy Physical Therapy. The amply experienced professionals are proficient in evaluating the condition of the patient before deciding upon personalized modalities.
Spine& vertebra impairments: Spine and vertebra injuries can occur in automobile accidents, sports field or simple domestic situations. physical therapy troy MI It can be often dangerous and put a person out of circuit for a long time or even permanently, if suitable treatment is not given immediately. Troy Physical Therapy provides the most successful treatment in this respect. The regular and graded exercises put the patient out of pain very fast and increases mobility.
Post surgery stiffness: After a surgery it is very important to mobilize the concerned parts which may be temporarily stiff. Troy Physical Therapy offers a series of exercises and manual manipulations by which this can be remedied. The therapists at Troy Physical Therapy are well experienced in the field.
Posture correction: Wrong posture can cause fatigue and stiffness to body parts. Maintaining correct posture while sitting and standing will ease pain and fatigue and the patient enjoys an overall sense of comfort. This therapy is very effective in case of spine & vertebra disorders too. Therapists at Troy Physical Therapy are well versed in correcting posture.

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation becomes necessary after surgery, and other injuries. Our therapists at are very knowledgeable in the techniques involved in job-specific rehabilitation. After the treatment with us the patients leave with satisfaction and carry with them a sense of wellbeing.

Our mission is completed when you get well and functional