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por Cassandra Fordr - terça, 9 fevereiro 2016, 00:03
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The DFS market has experienced huge prosperity over the last couple of quarters. In the past, fantasy football leagues had been carried out over the course of a full season, with the victor getting the winnings at the final day of the season. DraftKings then set foot in the market and altered the model of DFS contests. This allows for more frequent tournament entry and winnings given out on a daily and weekly basis. You are undoubtably acquainted with DraftKings because of their huge marketing budget. They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in their journey to acquire new players. In fact it was incredibly tough just a few months ago to watch the television and not see a commercial for their promo code to register for DraftKings and receive a huge cash bonus. This was a very successful tactic, and until the late legal obstacles encountered by the entire industry it helped them increase their audience nationally. over the last few months, a couple of places such as New York and Hawaii have restricted DraftKings from taking bets in their respective areas. DraftKings and FanDuel both have cooperated and stopped operations in these states. In the midst of these hurdles, DraftKings just began an expansion to the UK, and also made public a plan to expand to Asia and Latin America in the near future. This is a solid move for the DFS industry. They will most likely advertise their products in a similar form with promotions for a large cash bonus when new players sign up and promo codes for free entry to a player’s initial contest. DraftKings promo We forecast Draft Kings to once again be assertive, as this is one of the attributes that has given them the position of a DFS leader. They also advertise the biggest real money jackpots, which is incredibly appealing to Fantasy Sports users.